About Me

My name is Nicole Starkey and I’m the owner of The Neat Freak Organizer.

A little bio on me:

profileI was born and raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After graduating from high school, I moved to Tuscaloosa and attended the University of Alabama where I received my bachelor’s degree in accounting. In 2000 I moved to Birmingham and spent the next 8 years working at a media company headquartered there.  I then received my MBA from the University of Alabama – Birmingham in 2012 and have spent the past 4 years as the financial analyst for an online bank in Birmingham.

Although my formal education and professional experience is in the finance sector, I was born to be a professional organizer.  I can remember spending my evenings as a child organizing my closet and sock drawer to coincide with the ROY G BIV color spectrum.  My best friend makes fun of the fact that after we finished playing Barbies, we had to put all her accessories back into specific Ziplock bags.  More than one family I babysat for told me I wasn’t required to clean and organize the playroom before I left,  but I continued to do it because it drove me nuts to know it was in disarray when I left.

So, after 13 years in corporate America, I decided to make a career change and do something I love and was born to do, instead of something I was simply trained to do.  So The Neat Freak Organizer has been born.

Contact me at 205.936.2747 or Nicole@TheNeatFreakOrganizer.com to get started on your project today!



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